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Together alone in Brooklyn

There’s something bittersweet about being in a beautiful or exciting place, but being there alone, content yet finding yourself somehow wishing that someone close to you was there at your side to share in it with you, both in the moment and perhaps to reminisce about it later. I experienced one of these moments as I meandered through the streets of Brooklyn last week in the early evening sunlight; watching it glint golden off the buildings against the backdrop of fluffy white clouds.


Photo above taken by me in Brooklyn, NY, April 2012.

Drawing the strands together


We are constantly reading, talking, listening, thinking about so many different things pulled from what often feels like a myriad of topics and fields, because we are so curious about the world around us. So, together, we have decided to make this a place where we can collect together some of these disparate and diverse strands that we are thinking about, a mash-up of things, places, people, projects, concepts and ideas that interest, intrigue and inspire us.


Photo above taken by PJD of Conrad Shawcross’ installation “The Nervous Systems (Inverted)” on show at MUDAM Luxembourg 16/01/12 – 06/05/12.

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