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Brooklyn to Manhattan

Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge was incredible. It was the first time I had been to New York City, and the entire place absolutely boggled my mind. The moment you stand in the middle of the bridge, on a clear day, and look left (coming from Brooklyn, natuurlijk) and see the famous lady statue, and then right, and see some tall Imperial (Empire?) building — well you can really appreciate New York is king among cities.

We were lucky, the weather had been erratic the entire time we’d been in New York. Which suited us fine, there are plenty of things to do (and more on these later, I have no doubt). The sun was beautiful, and walking across the bridge is one of the coolest things I have ever done. Which, considering I have been walking for many years, really emphasises how important context is with respect to walking.

I know it was awesome, because it was only later that we really appreciated how cold it was up on the bridge:

Now, this is degrees celcius; in fahrenheit I think it’s about 15. Whatever. It was cold.


Pictures taken by PJD atop the Brooklyn Bridge, and at Brooklyn Bridge—City Hall Station

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