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It’s not Brazil, but…

Brussels doesn’t have the most glamourous reputation. It’s probably all the bureaucrats (eurocrats?). I guess seats of government often fail to inspire many people. The Manneken Pis grabs a lot of headlines, but we haven’t managed to search it out yet. De Grote Markt (La Grand Place) is more our scene. But we found at night time, in the right places, Brussels could really come alive. Amongst other things from other places, we liked the Caipirinhas from Mappa Mundo. And, though the drink sometimes is the focus of things, sometimes everything else can get blurry…


No kidding…


Worth it though. And walking back to the hotel through the “Grand Place” (a UNESCO world heritage site) was pretty amazing. They sure know how to light things up in Belgium.Image


PJD engineered the first two pictures in Mappa Mundo, whilst drinking; the final picture was carefully executed by CIA on the way home, whilst discussing the merits of night time photography.

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