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Hurry up, I’m dreaming…

So, I went to Paris when my hair was still an eery glow-in-the-dark kind of blond. Evidently I was around to feel the rush of wind as the riders of the Tour de France whizzed past. I definitely was in front of the Eiffel Tower (I saw the photos). I may or may not have been to the Louvre. It’s kind of weird, but we haven’t managed to get to France yet — even though we moved to Europe 18 months ago!

I heard a band called M83 on a podcast on the train home from work. I watched the video on YouTube for “Midnight City”. See below.

The video was greater than the song, though I will admit the creepy factor was high for me. A few more minutes on the google machine found tickets in Paris for M83. Another twenty minutes, and there were tickets on the Thalys, and a cheap(ish) hotel in the city. Uitstekend! Tres Bien!

Paris has never loomed as large in my imagination as New York has, but it certainly gets bigger the closer the day comes for me and CIA to head there. I will be a little thrilled to stalk the Impressionists, modernists, Cubists and others; and, let’s face it, plenty of literary heroes have made Paris home too. The tickets have stared at me from the shelf every day, which helps build the anticipation (it’ll be a big week for music, but I won’t spoil the surprise yet).

Real Tickets…not a lame pdf!

You can bet the house that I will be getting fat on millefeuilles and croissants. And, for sure all that highschool Français is going to be totally useful! Hurry up, I’m dreaming…


Photo taken minutes ago by PJD at startlingly low resolution on his phone.

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