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A delightful day in Delft

Almost a year ago, my Mum visited us in der Nederland; during her stay we enjoyed a lovely day together in the city of Delft . Today we were lucky enough to do the same with PJD’s Mum, and we again so enjoyed the sights of the home of Vermeer (of ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’ fame), Hugo de Groot (international law! whoop!) and the ubiquitous blue Delftware.

Today we decided we wanted to check out both the Oude Kerk and Nieuwe Kerk – and we were already anticipating the austere yet amazing architecture of these ancient churches as we pulled into Delft station on the train and spied their spires soaring into the sky. The Oude Kerk is the first to greet you once you move towards the centrum – and the tower of the church is particularly dominating and takes the whole Dutch-buildings-are-on-a-lean thing to a whole new level:

Delft’s Oude Kerk. The first original church on the site was established in 1050. Building of the impressive – and now leaning –  tower was begun in 1325.

The inside of the Oude Kerk is quite different to what I initially expected the first time I visited – it’s very stark, but no less impressive:

Interior of the Oude Kerk, Delft.

The many graves in the church also make for interesting walking :

A ticket for the Oude Kerk also gets you admission for the Nieuwe Kerk (bonus round!), which stands proudly in the Markt (Delft’s town square), staring down the has-to-be-seen-to-be-believed Stadhuis (town hall) at the opposite end. It’s certainly one of the most picturesque town squares I have encountered in the Netherlands thus far:

Delft’s stadhuis, with its numerous red shutters and ornate gilded detail in the foreground (dating from 1200) and the Nieuwe Kerk in the distance (dating from 1351).

We were even lucky enough to indulge in some wedding-watching, as the Stadhuis was playing host to a Dutch wedding. Certainly not too-shabby a place to tie the knot, that’s for sure! Inside the Nieuwe Kerk, it’s fun to spot this seemingly completely impractical door (I wonder where it goes to?!), but I love the colour of the stained glass in the small, ever-so-high windows:

Aside from these amazing buildings, the centre of Delft is pretty much an architectural delight, with so many eye catching and interesting buildings to see. Here’s a few more of my favourites, which seemed to me to just be quietly waiting to have their photos taken. I’m already looking forward to the next trip to Delft, it really is so much more than just a day trip to Ikea…


Photos taken by CIA in Delft, the Netherlands.

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