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No hands

We were flying to New Zealand in February. If you’ve never flown from Europe to New Zealand, then let me assure you it takes a long time. To pass the time on what was a crowded and noisy flight we had a quick glance at their inflight magazine. Normally, the Holland Herald is actually quite interesting. And in this case, we stumbled across this neat photographer, Natsumi Hayashi. On this particular trip, we had no chance to try her techniques out. But, one afternoon (which did include a now infamous mid-air hug) we decided to try this out on an unsuspecting Place de l’Europe, Luxembourg. There were some interesting results (that is to say, some awful slash hilarious photos) but this one made us both really happy:

Floating, Place de l’Europe, Luxembourg

You should try floating too.


Photo by CIA, involving a jumping, spinning PJD; in the glass you can see the pillars of the Luxembourgish ‘Philharmonie’.

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  1. Martin Dolan #

    Floating looks like more fun than planking, at least when viewed from Singapore.

    May 19, 2012

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