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Central Park, in the winter time

I’ve had the privilege of visiting New York City twice this year. The first time in the depths of winter (ridiculously cold!), and the second time in spring. I very much doubt I’ll ever  be so lucky as to get to take a bite of the Big Apple two times in one year again (but I guess I can keep dreaming, right?!).

A trip to New York City is not, as any good New Yorker would tell you, complete without a visit to Central Park. Our winter time trip was PJD’s first time in this great city, so that was even more reason to spend some time in the amazing green oasis that dominates the centre of Manhattan. Although this time around there was less green to be found; an altogether more woody, brumal scene greeted us.

As much as I like walking among trees with lush green, leafy canopies, there was something simultaneously tranquil and moody about walking through the skeletal trees on a perfectly clear, crisp winter’s day. The hardiness of the trees and plants to withstand such conditions is somewhat incredible. The sub-zero temperature meant we got to see some sights that nature only puts on show in such extremes, such as these beautiful icicles that caught my eye.

We took the chance to soak up the sun and catch some rays when the sun decided to pop out for a while. It felt like it had been so, so long since we had felt the warmth of the sun on our faces after such a long European winter, so we really enjoyed this moment. Not being well accustomed to this kind of winter weather, having both grown up in the South Pacific, the glow of the sun’s rays as it hit our skin in the chilly air was such a nice and welcome feeling to experience!

The reservoir was looking particularly glorious. It was lovely to look out across the large expanse of water towards the upper west side skyline as we walked around part of the reservoir. Did you know that the water here makes up one eighth of the whole of Central Park? The size of the reservoir is a reminder of the vast scale of the Park itself.

Before too long, we did have to give in to our chattering teeth and shivering extremities, so we made a dash for indoors (soon ensconced in the warmth and  cultural wealth of the nearby Metropolitan Museum of Art). However, it was whilst leaving the Park that I captured these images, my favourite ones from the day. I just love the quality of the low angle light as it breaks through the trees, the city skyscrapers peeking through on the horizon, the crunchy leaves in the foreground, and the stretch of the shadows falling across this incredible slice of parkland in the middle of this city of cities.


Photos by CIA in Central Park, New York City, January 2012.

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  1. Definitely one of our treasures in NYC. For many years I lived in the neighborhood near the Reservoir and enjoyed many walks around it – as did our Jack Russell Terrier, Mickey!

    June 8, 2012
    • What a fantastic spot to live! Glad to hear that local New Yorkers appreciate this place on a daily basis – as they should I think!

      June 14, 2012
  2. Very beautiful, indeed! Thanks for sharing…

    June 9, 2012
    • Thanks for that, really glad you enjoyed! Also I am really enjoying your beautiful flower photos in one of your recent posts – I will be back soon to check out some more!

      Glad you are enjoying some of the things we are sharing here on!

      June 14, 2012

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