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Keeping time

I’m lucky to be the wearer of this watch, which consistently makes me smile due to its vibrant colours and quirky geometric design. It was a gift from PJD and as I have worn it over the past year since receiving it, I’ve become very attached to it. This is despite my ongoing efforts to become less attached to material objects and possessions; having a personality with a large streak of sentimentalism running through it does not always make this the most straightforward of endeavours. But still, I keep trying.

However, needless to say then, when my watch hit the floor accidentally a few days ago and stopped ticking, I was a little alarmed. Mostly, I felt terrible for the potential breakage of a such a fantastic gift given with such thought and care (when PJD gave me this I was in the midst of trying to write my masters thesis; all of a sudden this constant reminder of him on my wrist made my days better and brighter). Clutching the non-responding treasure in my hand I resolved that I would continue to wear it, even if it didn’t fulfill its practical purpose any longer.

I willed my watch to start working again, and somehow, as if by magic, its hands started moving again. Relief.

As the year passes swiftly, rapidly (almost July! How did that happen?!), I’m happy, for this small moment, to hear the familiar soft tick again, and that I can continue to keep time.


I love the work of the incredibly talented graphic designer behind this watch, Kate Moross. She does amazing things with three-sided shapes and typography. You might enjoy to check out her work here.

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  1. I have not worn, or owned, a watch in 25 years. If I were to have one, that one you have would be the one I’d choose! I’m glad it’s still working functionally as well as sentimentally! 🙂

    June 25, 2012
  2. Interesting, I don’t wear a watch most weekends, which does feel kindof liberating, but, how do you keep time without one? Rely on public clocks/computer clocks/cellphone?

    Thanks – I am very glad it is still working too!

    June 28, 2012

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