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Snapshots of Strasbourg 1: the grandiose and functional

I had the pleasure of visiting the beautiful French city of Strasbourg for the past few days for work, so over the next couple of days I thought I’d share a few snapshots from my brief time there (all snapped on my phone camera rather hastily, due to little free time!). Here’s the first lot!

Transport options are many in Strasbourg, with the city boasting the coolest looking free bikes I have seen yet (isn’t the green basket choice?!)

The central train station struck me as something of an architectural masterclass in how to integrate old with new: the outside is a striking curved glass shell, and the inside meshes with the old building. Only 20 minutes from here to the airport made the commute to catch my plane super easy.

Strasbourg’s trams were fantastic! They make many of the trams of the Hague, which I am used to, look positively ancient. Super slick and frequently snaking through Strasbourg, always on time, and really spacious on the inside too. They seemed to be very well used – which I guess is a reflection on the high standard of the tram technology.

The city boasts some grand buildings in the classical style; especially impressive are those around Place Republique.

I really liked the ramshackle surroundings of this grand building too, there’s not many cities in Western Europe where random wild flowers are left to grow free in the central city! Quaint and charming, don’t you think?

This is just a small slice of Strasbourg; more to come soon from the heart of the old city, where Alsatian culture is abundant!


Photos by CIA in Strasbourg, July 2012.

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