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In a dark dark airport…on a dark dark platform?

As with the rest of you, I have followed CIA’s adventures from afar (I as in Germany, for work). So it was with growing anticipation that I sat at Schiphol airport, looking forward to gloriously long evenings, and welcoming Swedes and bears. So, when my flight arrived at Arlanda, I was thrilled (better still, I had no checked baggage, so I was literally the first off my flight to get my ticket for the Arlanda Express (just 20 minutes to Stockholm Central!)). This seemed pretty great, until I got down to the platform, and it felt a little like being in a horror movie. Probably the kind where a deadly virus has devastated the population, and I was the only survivor. There was no one else on the platform! At all! Not even the hint of security, of fellow travellers, or really anyone. Also, the concreted walls and ceiling as well as the cold, the weird smell and the futuristic seats and lighting all lent a general air of creepiness to the scene.

Ten minutes later, I would have thought, the scene would be different? Alas, no. It was still totally deserted. My first impression of Stockholm was good – the lights glinting as we made our descent were beautiful; my second impression was rather less appealing. Still, I had faith – the sign said the train was coming (I learned that reading Swedish is a little like reading Dutch, handy!). Indeed, the train did arrive. So, away from here:

So that I could end up here:

At Hermans, the buffet is seriously good, and the view of Stockholm is gorgeous.


Photos by PJD on his phone, afraid of the Zombie Apocolypse and/or eating delicious vegetarian buffet.

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