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Photos from strangers

There is a moment in every travellers life (usually many, I guess, but let’s not worry about specifics) when you want a picture, with you in it, of some amazing thing. The trouble is, strangers are often unreliable photographers; not bad, necessarily, just not always good at framing you, and the thing you want behind you. Of course, one shouldn’t expect them to care. But there is a really sad feeling when, having built up the courage to ask someone to take your picture (this always makes me feel awkward but I guess for normal people this is no big deal), they make a bit of a hash of it.

There are compensating factors though, and looking through our New York pictures, I stumbled over this one, taken by a stranger on the high line, I think it’s a great shot – and the jaunty angle hits all my buttons, though I would never have asked for it to be taken like that.

One of our friends has a strategy about who to ask – look at the camera the stranger has, and if they look like they know what they are doing, ask them. We are not at all convinced that this works – do you have strategies when eyeing up the tourists around, trying to get the perfect picture?


Photo by a stranger, on the High Line, towards the East Village, January 2012.

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