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Anticipation @pitch

We must be brutally honest, and, without any disrespect to the other performers, on the second night of the Pitch Festival it was really all about Gui Boratto. Introduced to Gui Boratto by my Portuguese friend, CIA and I have since been fascinated by the elegance and simplicity of his electronic music. We were really looking forward to seeing him live, and more so given the extraordinary setting of the Gashouder.

As we waited for the Brazilian maestro, it became clearer that we were not the only ones excited.

As the crowd grew, so did our own adrenalised anticipation.

There was no disappointment when the man himself came on. Although his press pictures can seem rather dour (see below), his on stage demeanour was impish, happy, and outwardly joyful at the rapturous dancing from the crowd.

We completely lost ourselves in an hour and a half of dancing, and would have danced longer if we could have. Should you ever have the chance to catch Gui Boratto live, I would recommend that you do it. Don’t think about anything else, just get lost in the subtle drift of beats and haunting treble.


Photos by PJD & CIA, and lifted off a random internet site (should anyone object, just let us know, and of course we’ll take it down). The photo of Gui on stage was effected by CIA in the middle of frenzied dancing, some skills!

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