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Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

For something to be inside, it must be paired with an outside — the fun of the photo challenge often lies in semantics. More than most, this inside challenge has made my mind twist (inside out?) with the various possibilities. But in the end, I settled for Munot Fortress.

Munot Fortress looms above the Rhine in Switzerland, and inside the 16th century building you wind your way down into this large basement (for want of a better word). Outside, the fortress overlooks the river and across into Germany. The fortress is inside Switzerland. I am standing inside the fortress, inside a circle of light which falls through the holes in the roof above.

The fortress is just outside the town (city?) of Schaffhausen, straight over the Rhine from Germany. There’s not a lot to it, but it’s a great place to walk through in a late summer evening. After climbing a few (several, many) stairs, you get to the fortress. Inside, you can follow its twists and turns.

And at the top, outside, you get a magnificent view across the river, above the town and over the border.


Photos by PJD and CIA, in a post for playful use of prepositions. We’ve been weekly photo challenged, have you?

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  1. Michael #

    Breathtaking! Those are some great photos of a great location.

    …I can’t help but be remind of G-Cans a little though: …either Munot Fortress is just a giant drain or little has really changed in architecture since the 16th century.

    July 22, 2012
    • It’s possible that it’s both a drain, and that architecture has not gone far in 500 years. If you ever get back to Switzerland though, I can recommend a few hours in Schaffhausen… Now I just need to get myself to Japan!

      July 25, 2012
  2. Off on a bit of a tangent but my Mum used to have a thing for watches and her pride and joy was a Schaffhausen. I never realised till today that the name actually refers to a place!

    July 24, 2012
    • We are all about tangents, so we absolutely welcome your tangential thinking! And it is a great one – so cool to have made that connection for you! And it is funny you mention it – not sure if you have visited Switzerland before? But they really are the KINGS of watch-making – everywhere you go you see amazing (and super expensive!) watches. From the lookout at the top of the fortress our friends actually pointed out the Schaffhausen watch HQ/factory which is still right there in the quaint city of Schaffhausen. So it’s nice to hear you talk of it! Does your Mum still have her Schaffhausen watch?!

      July 24, 2012
      • Sadly Mum died some years ago but I inherited her beloved watch and have it still. And yes I have been to Switzerland, once, a very very long time ago. All I really remember though are the cow bells [we went to visit someone in a small village and stared open mouthed at these cows sashaying their way home. 🙂

        July 25, 2012

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