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Weekly Photo Challenge: Purple

Colour themes are tough. So we went looking for a twist. A look around swiftly brought inspiration to us. The name of the blog is a clue, and there have been requests for instructions. We realise that we are not best placed for instructions. PJD taught CIA how to fold cranes over noodles in Wellington. PJD is perfectly happy to share his crane-folding knowledge. But writing the words? That’s really tough.

Still, here’s purple:

Method: Folding cranes by foldedcranes

Please note, use these instructions at your own peril. Because they are not very good. After all, this is a photo challenge involving purple. Still, for the brave, as follows:

  1. Start with a square of paper, coloured side up
  2. Fold it along each diagonal, and lengthways
  3. The next bit is impossible to describe — we hope the photos help
  4. Fold the open ends into the middle; As this instruction doesn’t make sense, I refer you to the photos*
  5. When you have done that to all four flaps, fold the top down on both sides
  6. Now unfold the flaps, and from the bottom — actually this bit is impossible to describe too (good luck!)
  7. At some point, the crane-to-be looks a bit like a fox; at least, that’s how my imagination makes it – what about yours?
  8. Actually, I’m going to stop here.

Generally speaking, we recommend that you look on proper origami sites for real instructions that do not suck. There are also loads of videos on youtube, some of them are really helpful! There is also a song called Folding Cranes, it has nothing to do with purple.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

– PJD, supported by creative direction and editing by CIA (any errors remaining must be laid on PJD)

Photos by CIA, of PJD folding a crane. The t-shirt is a Ryan Adams t-shirt. As far as we know, he has no connection to folding cranes, or (as yet) to foldedcranes.

* Please note: photos are not numbered, and there is no way to connect each step to any particular photo

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  1. laura@eljaygee #

    Beautiful take on the the theme though it would take me more than just a noodle meal to learn how to fold cranes

    July 29, 2012
  2. We ate slowly – although in fairness, I spent a number of times after the noodle meal to show CIA again how to fold them. Glad you like our interpretation of the theme! I note that many people utilised flowers – so in homage to them (actually, by happy coindence, don’t tell!) I wore a t-shirt with a flower on it. Obviously, judging by the way I am rambling, it’s time to sleep…

    July 30, 2012
  3. Yes, nice purple t-shirt, too! 🙂

    July 30, 2012
  4. You lost me after step 2 but the purple crane looks regal!

    July 30, 2012
    • Personally, I am amazed you got as far as step 2, I applaud your perserverance! Purple is certainly imperial

      August 2, 2012
      • I’ve always loved origami – part of the ‘I love all things Japanese’ thing I’ve had going since I was a kid. Sadly I can’t seem to do any of the things I admire – like origami or haiku or even Japanese cooking. One of life’s little ironies I guess.

        August 3, 2012

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