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Photos taken with canon powershot s95

For my birthday last year I bought myself a new camera. I didn’t use my money. It was a present. A vicarious present. Now, you can never have too many cameras, and they can never be too good, probably. But let’s all admit that a massive, bulky, over-sized SLR is not a great travelling companion. So, today’s post is in tribute to my Canon Powershot s95*.

There is another element to this post though, which is unusual search terms resulting in visits to the blog. “M83” features the most, probably. I’ll fess up now that my statistical analysis consisted only of a quick scan, no regression analysis here. No proof of statistical significance. No care either. My favourite is “tyre sculpture den haag”. I hope they found what they were looking for.

The other day though someone went looking for “photos taken on canon powershot s95”. That’s pretty specific. I hope they liked what they found.

I wonder if they know that this camera absolutely owns the low-light conditions? This was the main reason I wanted this camera. For example, here are two shots I haven’t managed to brag about yet, the first is a view across the Petrusse Valley towards the old and new cities of Luxembourg.:

Here’s another night-time picture, this time of our very favourite restaurant in Leiden; we went there for a graduation, a birthday and a dinner with visiting parents. It’s been on Kloksteeg for more than 30 years!

It takes good food photos too, this was an ice-cream made to look like a flower, gorgeous (and tasty):

Some people are masters of the art; I am not, but CIA – and the camera does not disappoint in the self-take stakes…

I love this little camera. It is super-versatile, you can fit it easily in your pocket, it doesn’t weigh much, it doesn’t need an MA in fine arts to use it…and best of all, it takes pictures that make photographers I admire say “how did you get that shot?”, which makes me blush with pleasure.

Do you love your camera? Your phone? Your laptop? Your mp3 player? Tell me about it…


Photos by PJD, CIA and on a timer (framed by CIA and/or PJD, but technically not taken by anyone, I guess) in diverse European locations.

* Right now, this is probably contradicting some of my own previously stated values, but as I said in that post, you have to find a level of hypocrisy you are comfortable with; with this camera, I am very comfortable. Also, it’s the only camera I need at the moment, so there.

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