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A little Amsterdam Graffiti

We’ve been to Amsterdam twice lately. Once to see Shabazz Palaces, and once so I could get some amazing brunch at G&T’s, since I missed out the first time. The first time, we walked past this compelling graffiti:

I have no idea at all what it could mean, or where the quote is from. I tried looking, but without success. Perhaps it’s not even a quote? I really loved the covered face, and the anguish it connotes; this is then contrasted by the mind, literally open to view by the absent top-of-the-head, and the words stand out against the simple background.

Is this an internal war? An external conflict carried out on us all?

Most of all, I just like stumbling on it.

Opposed to the image above, stands this one:

The self-promotion is a little on the nose, but I liked the colour palette. I like the stars too, but the revolution seems a little insincere here.

On the other hand, the polar bear on the left is just…<insert superlative*>. Don’t we all love Ursus Maritimus? If the answer is no, well, that’s your loss.

I also love the accidental glimpse of books on the shelves through the window above the graffiti. A little accidental voyeurism? Waarom niet?


Photos by CIA and PJD, Amsterdam, August 2012.

* Sometimes the right word just does not make itself heard. My apologies for the “choose your own word” adventure.

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    check it out for more details!!

    November 12, 2012
  2. More details are great; are there any more details available even? We both really liked this particular piece…but now I wished we got to find more of them before we came back to New Zealand.

    November 12, 2012

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