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A little (more) Berlinisch Graffiti

This is one from the archives. We went to Berlin* so that I could turn 30. I did so with great elegance, as we consumed delicious Korean food (our introduction to Korean pancakes came in Berlin), and I still think Berlin is one of the best cities we have yet been to. Whilst we were there, we caught up with some friends, saw a lot of amazing things, and I got the best haircut I have managed to get in Europe for just €12. If you’ve ever tried to get a haircut in the Netherlands, you will understand how amazing this really is.

And we saw this:

Why not?

We saw this too:

No-one could possibly make a rational argument about why a dinosaur should not face off against a robot with a skyscraper in the background, and why that is not just about the coolest thing you could see on your 30th birthday. There’s a helicopter for good measure, just to trim any loose threads that this is not amazing. If you can make a rational (or for that matter, irrational) argument for why this is not supercool, please feel free to comment below.

Of course, in Berlin, you cannot go all that long without thinking about the past, and graffiti is perhaps particularly poignant here. Because we also saw this:

And of course, it’s part of this:

Parts of the wall still slices through Berlin, and it stands as a great reminder that graffiti can be political, it can be engaged. It can be art too, and that’s worth thinking about.


Photos by PJD or CIA, neither of us can remember anymore, Berlin, Germany, March 2011

* I wrote a little about this Berlin trip really early in this blog’s life

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  1. That graffiti of the dinosaur and the robot is awesome! I really like the first one too.

    August 13, 2012
    • I love the randomness and spontaneity! Prenzlauerberg is such a cool place – great restaurants, cool shops, trendy people and random, ful-filled graffiti!

      August 16, 2012
  2. Happy Birthday. What an amazing city to celebrate in.

    August 13, 2012
    • It really was an amazing place to have my birthday! I can’t wait to get back there one day (I hope the hairdresser is still there!).

      August 16, 2012
  3. Rational argument: The robot does not transform.

    That last one is particularly good. Nice and thought(/action?) provoking.

    August 16, 2012
    • Your rational argument is noted. But you don’t now for sure that it doesn’t transform…

      August 16, 2012
      • You dare challenge my Transformers knowledge?!

        August 20, 2012
      • I am not challenging your transformers knowledge – I merely challenge your knowledge of the transformative powers of this particularly graffiti robot…

        Your Transformers ™ knowledge is all powerful.

        August 21, 2012

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