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Zürich Openair – Panorama

Tonight we found our new favourite band (of right now), Soulwax. Sometime between Soulwax and White Lies, we took this Openair panorama. At this point, it was a beautiful evening, later the skies opened up, but enjoy!











Photos by PJD, grateful that, for this first time in his adult life, he had a proper raincoat. For those who pay attention to these things, it’s the “warm vintage” setting on the HTC Desire S. Looks like instagram, I guess?

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  1. “Sometime between Soulwax and White Lies” – Don’t you mean, “we skipped Maximo Park and took photos instead”? 😉
    Looks like you guys are having fun in spite of the weather. Awesome that you’ve discovered a cool new band. I thought you didn’t like Instagramyness PJD?…

    August 25, 2012
    • I don’t like instagram, for various reasons, but mainly because it makes crap photos look okay, and okay photos look great. This gives people an inflated sense of self-importance in an artistic sense, because they don’t have to try to take good shots to get good results.

      Effects, well deployed, are a fine thing, but should not replace careful framing, good timing and persistance.

      Maximo Park, by the way, completely suck.

      September 3, 2012
  2. We absolutely skipped Maximo Park 😉 I’ll let PJD get back to you on Instagrammyness…

    September 3, 2012

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