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An Australian, a New Zealander and a camera walk into a church…

It sounds a bit like a joke. It isn’t a church anymore, but Paradiso is a fine concert venue. We were reminded that Boy & Bear were going to be back in the Netherlands by reading a post on another blog. It was Rabbit Song that convinced me at the end that this was a band worth paying attention to.

And we were not at all disappointed. The greatest highlight for us, from this Australian band, was the cover of Crowded House – a Kiwi-Aussie crossover point that had us captivated.

My camera work is very amateur, so maybe it’s better to close your eyes.


Filming by PJD at Paradiso, Amsterdam; yelling at the end, CIA. Also, special mention of the Canadian guy who wouldn’t shut up until I told him to stop being a dick – “oh great!”, he said in the middle of the song, “some Canadiana!”. Way not to be cool, man.

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  1. Your first blog video! His voice is perfectly suited to this song. I’m trying to think who his voice reminds me of… stumped.

    September 5, 2012
    • It’s technically, and actually, our second blog video. But given your recent internet travails, I forgive the oversight.

      I think the voice is somewhere between The Panics and Ryan Adams. Discuss.

      September 5, 2012

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