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A birthday in photos

Stunning Swiss sunflowers and sunshine – the day was off to a great start.

A secret surprise mission to the home of quintessential modern Swiss design in Zurich west.

Celebration vegetarian style with dear friends at Europe’s oldest vegetarian restaurant.

Lake Zurich sparkles and shimmers – let’s dive in! Birthday swim a-go-go.

Perfect lake swimming conditions. Cold? No….


Wow. What. A. Day.

The spires of Zurich and the lake flowing into the Limmat completes the picture of this beautiful place.

Time to fly, taking some lovely reminders and perfect memories with me.

Sometimes, you have a birthday that you really, really will remember for a long time to come. From one side of the world to the other, family and friends made my big day this year super special, and these photos sum up some of the highlights of the day. Perhaps I’ll never experience another birthday in stunning Switzerland, but I feel like this one could last me a lifetime.


Photos by CIA and PJD, Zurich and Winterthur, 27 August 2012.









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