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The harbour is flat

I have another post in mind today. I was composing the content in my head, on my way home from football (we lost, but not by much) as I walked along the waterfront. Wellington has a beautiful waterfront, which epitomises positive use of public space, and this evening it was looking particularly marvellous.

The weather was being quite strange. Mt Victoria was bathed in glorious sunshine, whilst the rest of the sky was bruised with dark clouds. I took the chance to catch an image of this, with some great lines of poetry, captured on concrete, that dot the waterfront.

As I contemplated the sky, I looked over my shoulder and saw two people looking intently at a tree. I figured there must be something happening there, and wandered over as they moved off. What on earth was so special about the tree? I had walked past with barely a glance. What could I have missed?

As I got closer, I finally saw it – a seal! How lucky was I?

You never know what you might see in Wellington.


Photos by PJD, unfortunately, he only had his phone to hand, so apologies for the quality. PJD thought about putting in references to Lucille, loose seal, and handfeeding, but decided to viciously repress his inner Arrested Development fan.

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  1. Just great the way you capture all sorts of scenes and life with interesting comments to go with photos, adorable seal and skyline in backdrop!

    October 23, 2012
    • We’re glad to have an audience! Thanks for the encouragement. It’s good to try and squeeze something interesting into the everyday, I think.

      November 1, 2012

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