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The planet of Soy

Someone clearly didn’t feel like Kikkoman with their sushi today…

Today was a long day at work, so as I was walking home and looked down and saw a little Kikkoman soy sauce bottle on the ground, I began to laugh to myself, because all I could think about was the video below. It’s silly and a bit crazy, but if you are in the mood for a laugh (it will help if you are a Kikkoman fan!), you might enjoy to check it out too. We’ve pretty much been laughing about it every time we eat something with soy sauce in it, ever since some dear friends introduced us to the crazy world of the planet of Soy earlier this year.


Photo by CIA, Lambton Quay, Wellington, New Zealand, 08 November 2012. I am really glad I wrote this post, because it led me to discover this: Kikkoman searchable cookbook! Definitely going to be trying out some of the delicious looking tofu recipes sometime soon!

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