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Hobbitification of Wellington continues…

For anyone who is excited about the impending release of The Hobbit film (part one only, somehow they managed to string it out into two films… how?!), Wellington is certainly the place to be right about now. With just four days to go (as the billboard on the front of the Embassy Theatre reminds us! See below), all sorts of Hobbity kinds of events are kicking into full gear…

Today we checked out the Hobbit Artisan Market, in Waitangi Park.

The market was full of artisan wares, including many which resonate with what one could perhaps find in Tolkien’s Hobbiton, such as leatherwares and knives. Peter Jackson was on the big screen, giving a tour through The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit film sets. Children and adults from all walks of life seemed to be enjoying it all and getting into the Hobbity spirit of things…


Some beautiful glass-blowing was on show, as was a whole stall of New Zealand Post commemorative Hobbit stamps and coins… That seemed to be a particularly popular stall.

Whilst the fair was fun, one of our favourite things that we came across today was that the Clemenger BBDO building (right opposite The Embassy Theatre) has been draped in an incredible Wellington-meets-Middle-Earth banner. Is this the work of Tourism New Zealand, or of the advertising company alone, or some other entity altogether? It remains a mystery, but regardless of who is behind it, it is pretty stunning!

All this was punctuated by a delicious brunch at a favourite brunch spot (which we really missed while we were living in Europe!), which just so happens to have Elevenses on the menu (a standard feature, not just for now)…


Photos by CIA, Wellington, a.k.a “The Middle of Middle Earth”, New Zealand, 24 November 2012.

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