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You just lost the game

There are many reasons that we have not been blogging as frequently as we would like. The least likely and least accurate is this one.

We have been playing the game (I just lost the game).

I first found out about the game when I was looking for an anniversary present. I stumbled over a book (the title of which eludes me) about ways to avoid boredom. In this book, the rules of a game were written down. The game was ascribed to Cambridge students, though a brief search of online sources suggests this is as likely as not completely made up. There are three rules, as follows:

  1. Everyone in the world is playing The Game. A person cannot not play The Game; it does not require consent to play and one can never stop playing.
  2. Whenever one thinks about The Game, one loses.
  3. Losses must be announced to at least one person (either by using a statement such as “I lost The Game” or by alternative means).

Of course, this kind of thing is nothing new – but on a return visit to the bookshop, CIA ended up playing the game too (my verbal attempts to persuade her having failed miserably, nevertheless made my game-playing more straightforward). The result is surprise attacks, like this one:

The Game

And now? All I have to say is, although we will try to blog more regularly (if not frequently), you did just lose the game.


Photo by PJD, post-it note on the oven by CIA.

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