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Vanity post; or, random shots of Luxembourg

These pictures have in little common, besides the facts that I am:

  1. in them
  2. like them

They cover various points of interest (or points of random) throughout Luxembourg City, and this marks the end of our Luxembourg Week special.

But here’s a small question – and it doesn’t have to be rhetorical – has some place left a mark on you from a fleeting visit?


All photos by CIA, because, of course, PJD can’t very well take pictures of himself. Because he left his tripod in New Zealand in what was, retrospectively, a huge mistake.

Post Script:
Incidentally, some readers of this blog may have seen some of these images. Apologies, to those readers, in the event that they never wanted to see any of those pictures ever again.

Weekly photo challenge: Silhouette

I was pretty excited about this week’s photo challenge theme, until I realised that probably the two best silhouette photos that I have ever taken, I have already posted previously, here and here. Nevertheless, PJD also has something of a penchant for snapping the odd silhouette photo, and I think the photo below, taken in the Tate Tanks is pretty awesome. The silhouettes of the strangers, walking in, through, amongst the art in the eerie space of the Tanks are captured in a pretty unusual way, and the presence of shadowy silhouettes  as well, without it being clear who they belong to, only adds to this effect. I also love how the pink of the woman’s trousers pops against the murky darkness, and the the movement of her silhouette contrasts with the stillness of the other silhouettes in the scene.


Photo by PJD, The Tate Tanks, Tate Modern, London, United Kingdom, September 2012.

The harbour is flat

I have another post in mind today. I was composing the content in my head, on my way home from football (we lost, but not by much) as I walked along the waterfront. Wellington has a beautiful waterfront, which epitomises positive use of public space, and this evening it was looking particularly marvellous.

The weather was being quite strange. Mt Victoria was bathed in glorious sunshine, whilst the rest of the sky was bruised with dark clouds. I took the chance to catch an image of this, with some great lines of poetry, captured on concrete, that dot the waterfront.

As I contemplated the sky, I looked over my shoulder and saw two people looking intently at a tree. I figured there must be something happening there, and wandered over as they moved off. What on earth was so special about the tree? I had walked past with barely a glance. What could I have missed?

As I got closer, I finally saw it – a seal! How lucky was I?

You never know what you might see in Wellington.


Photos by PJD, unfortunately, he only had his phone to hand, so apologies for the quality. PJD thought about putting in references to Lucille, loose seal, and handfeeding, but decided to viciously repress his inner Arrested Development fan.

London calling

Looking at this photo, I can understand if you think it was probably taken the first time I visited London. But… no. This was my fourth time in the great city, after first having fallen for its charms 10 years ago on my first trip there. However, the novelty of London never seems to wear off for me (is anyone who doesn’t live there tired of London?!), as evidenced by this photo (and my super cheesy expression). Much to PJD’s chagrin (in many instances), I am also the first one to suggest posing in a typical tourist spot, and quickly hamming it up for the camera. These phone boxes certainly fit the bill (added bonus of Big Ben towering in the background!), and I dashed in there before PJD could protest. If nothing else, it makes travelling just that little more entertaining and fun, even he will admit that.

So what about you? What’s your tourist-style – eager to take a memorable photo home of you in a typical landmark, or happy to just stroll on by?! I’m keen to know if I am an odd one among travellers here, so let us know on the comments…


Photo by PJD, trying to look inconspicuous taking a photo of CIA looking highly conspicuous, London, United Kingdom, September 2012.


A walk in the park

I’m very much in the midst of adjusting to a brand new job. This week, I’m working from my original home-town of Auckland. This evening, I made sure I could leave work on time, to meet my Mum for a walk in one of the city’s beautiful parks. This one is somewhat hidden, but it’s worth finding, especially on a spring evening like this one.

The interplay between light and dark, shadows and sunshine, and the silhouettes created, meant I just had to take a few pictures. The big open space in the middle of the city, with a canopy of fresh green leaves above our heads with the light shining through, was the perfect way to wind down from a busy day stuck in the CBD.

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(Last) Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine

In an attempt to catch up, here’s the photo challenge we missed. Initially, then I saw “Mine”, I thought mining. Like this:

From: Merriam Webster Visual Dictionary online

And then I thought, hey, let’s google “Mine”. Which brought me to Taylor Swift’s song of that name.

Which then made me think of this clip, which is much better than the song, at the very least, it’s much funnier:

But none of this really refers to the challenge. And so, here is a view that’s mine (or, rather “ours”). This is at dusk, using my tripod that’s now out of storage at long last (leaving me to wonder why I ever put it there), and is the view from our balcony, across Wellington, towards the University. Home is ours, the view is ours, but the photo is mine.

Balcony, Dusk

Balcony, just after dusk


Photos by PJD, this week, missing the feeling of hitting the “Publish” button.

Last days in Leiden

The transition from living in Leiden, back to New Zealand, is going slowly but surely. We’re still to get hooked up to the internet, which means posting on foldedcranes is a little tricky these days. But we are looking forward to getting back into our daily writing routine soon, soon. Today though, here are a few photos captured on our second to last day in Leiden. The sun shone, the canals sparkled, and the sight of the windmill became more important in my mind, knowing that where I was heading, 30 hours flight away, there’d be no windmills – well, none like this one, at least.

Molen de Valk standing proudly over Leiden

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