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How – and why – does life sometimes manage to get so busy?! The photo below is of a place which is truly timeless, both in the sheer beauty of the dramatic landscape, and because it’s a place where all sense of time disappears, just you and immenseness of the land, the crashing surf, the sun on your skin and the sea breeze. A complete contrast to the previous post here on foldedcranes, getting lost in the wonder of an untouched edge of the land like this one is an ideal balance to the bustle of life in the city. Capturing it in a photo – and being able to take it home with you, to get lost in, every once in a while, is a great thing to be able to do, too.

Bethells Beach


Photo by CIA at Te Henga – Bethells Beach, West Auckland, New Zealand, March 2013.


Tonight as we drove West, a golden sunset drew our eyes to the horizon. The beauty before us reminded me of a golden sunrise which we were lucky to experience together earlier this year, during a very special trip to a stunning island.

Goldren sunrise


Photo by CIA or PJD (who knows, it was after all five o’clock in the morning!), Fafa Island, Tonga, February 2012.


Photos from friends

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about how nice it is to look back through your pictures from some trip, and find a great picture taken by a stranger. Imagine my surprise then, when we received two gifts this weekend past. The first was a beautiful book, The Atlas of Experience, which creates a fictionalised landscape. Given our love of things cartographical, imaginary and bookish, this was a perfect wedding gift.

The second gift was a photograph. It was taken on an ancient piece of Chinese magic (or, for the more prosaic, a Seagull Camera). And it was beautifully framed. The picture we were given was taken of me and CIA in Amsterdam some months ago. We had spent the day with a friend of ours on NDSM-werf, a derelict shipyard. It is every bit as cool as it sounds, and really swung me around on Amsterdam, a city I previously thought little of. Our friend had just got the camera, and was taking it out on its first spin, and the result was marvellous.

The other picture, from the same day, is of CIA standing in front of an improbably new building that I cannot find on google maps. Still, there is this other amazing building there, which I am sure we will feel motivated to write about later.

For me, it is absolutely fair to say that photos from friends beat photos from strangers nearly every time.


Photos by our friend, MK on NDSM-werf

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