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A little Luzerner Graffiti

Street Art in Lucerne varies from the most basic kind of vandalism…

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth

Growth offers many possibilities. Things grow up, grow old. Grass grows green, growth spurts, growing pains. Economies used to grow; economic growth is the holy grail of politics.

Usually, growth connotes positive things — development, renewal, expansion. Occasionally, as a noun, growth becomes malignant.

For us though, we are always looking for intellectual growth, and so we thought this picture marked the point most people go through the most spectacular growth, in almost as many ways as you can imagine.


Photo by CIA, Folkskola, Södermalm.

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Font Series V: Typography by Travis

I have, as can be seen, a small thing for typography. So a while ago, when someone sent a brilliant link to me, I had it in mind to post it here one day, and here it is. It is a prezi presentation, which is itself a brilliant creation, worthy of consideration in its own right.

So, Travis Hitchcock, I know nothing about you at all, but I love this presentation, which makes typography accessible even to amateurs and dilettantes like myself.

Dear readers, enjoy!

This is just a gratuitous photo of font.
It is inferior to the presentation above.


Photo by PJD, in the Louvre, of a description of a statue. The statue was cool.

Font Series IV: Palais grand ducal, Luxembourg

The Ducal Palace in Luxembourg is probably not the grandest of palaces, but it certainly reaches the standard of Noordeinde Palace though without the Coldstream Guards it doesn’t quite match up to Buckingham Palace. However, what the Ducal Palace does have, and if you look closely, you might spot it, is an amazing font inscribed under a balcony.

Perhaps you need a closer look?

So elegant! So unusual! So carved in stone! I don’t really understand the different letter heights, there is no order discernible to me, but I thought it beautiful, and so was extremely happy when my attention was drawn to it by the ever-observant CIA.

Evidently this is not even the most beautiful balcony in Europe (but to me, it came close second).


Photos by PJD, Easter, 2012, Luxembourg City, Luxembourg. Commas are cool, aren’t they?

Font Series: III (Museum für Gestaltung)

If pictures are worth 1000 words, is a picture of a word (and a typeface at that) worth any more? This is of course the king of sans serif typefaces. Some people debate the superiority of Gill Sans, maybe Futura. Arial and Calibri have huge Microsoft-assisted prominance. But let’s all admit that Helvetica is amazing. And, more still, that Helvetica in a design museum in Zürich is better still, no?

Here, you can find forty (check it!), FORTY logos with Helvetica. And they are just the good ones. And, the typeface even has a movie.


Photo by CIA, Museum for Design, Zürich. The glass and low light presented some technical glitches, but we got there in the end.

Font series: II (inside the Nieuwe Kerk, Delft)

Delft has its Oude Kerk, which has an old tower with a tremendous lean. It’s probably not at Pisa-leaning levels, but it’s not that far away either. The old church is very spare, having suffered over time from a gunpowder explosion (no kidding!) and the attention of window-smashing iconoclastic protestants (the Reformation was serious business) and so the building really does have a lot of character. Delft also has its Nieuwe Kerk, pretty much the Westminster Abbey of the House van Oranje-Nassau (as it might still be?). This one is taller, has higher arches, bigger windows, and a mighty monument to Willem de Zwijger (or William the Silent, or William of Orange) and a massive tower which I might climb up one day. But this post isn’t about any of that cool stuff, becase one thing I like to do is look at the gravestones scattered through the churches.

So, welcome to Font Series II.

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Font series: I

For my birthday this year I was given a book Just my Type. It was probably because I take photos like this one.

I really like looking at the signs in cities, in the lettering used on public buildings, on monuments, on statues, public transport systems. I also really like to take pictures of them. This particular one is from the base of a statue in the grounds of the Strahov Monastery. I have no idea what the words around it said, and no particular interest in ever finding out. But I think they made great pictures. Prague, by the way, is a great city to visit. Even if you are afraid of eastern and/or central Europe.

(By the way, I am not sure if this counts as a typeface, or if it’s really more of a logo…)


Photo by PJD at Strahov Monastery; it was Easter, 2011. Which is to say, it was a warmer day than we had all summer…

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