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Words to live by?

The brilliance of this sign only increases the further you take it from its context . Just…EAT & SHOP.

Perhaps, these are words to die by.


Photo by PJD, Tate Modern.

Weekly photo challenge: Silhouette

I was pretty excited about this week’s photo challenge theme, until I realised that probably the two best silhouette photos that I have ever taken, I have already posted previously, here and here. Nevertheless, PJD also has something of a penchant for snapping the odd silhouette photo, and I think the photo below, taken in the Tate Tanks is pretty awesome. The silhouettes of the strangers, walking in, through, amongst the art in the eerie space of the Tanks are captured in a pretty unusual way, and the presence of shadowy silhouettes  as well, without it being clear who they belong to, only adds to this effect. I also love how the pink of the woman’s trousers pops against the murky darkness, and the the movement of her silhouette contrasts with the stillness of the other silhouettes in the scene.


Photo by PJD, The Tate Tanks, Tate Modern, London, United Kingdom, September 2012.

Spazio di luce

Before we headed back to the familar shores of Auckland and Wellington, CIA and I took the chance for a lightning visit to London to spend some time with friends who we may not see again for some time. We had both been to London before, but never together. This was a chance to explore the familiar parts of the city, Whitehall, the Palace of Westminster, Buckingham Palace, the Tate Modern and British Museum.

Better still, we took the chance to see some places in London neither of us had had time to see before. So we strolled on Hampstead Heath, and got a great view of London’s skyline. And before that, we went to a new gallery together. On the way, the tone was set by an encounter with the Gherkin.

The Whitechapel Gallery was opened in 1901, in an impressive building, designed by Charles Harrison Townsend. The Gallery size was doubled recently, an interesting discussion of which can be read here. We knew as soon as we saw the building we were in for a treat.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy

I’m always happy in an art gallery (or as they tend to call them in the Northern hemisphere, art museum. Here are a few of my favourite pieces of art spotted in galleries along the way on our travels over the past few months. Looking back on them certainly makes me happy, as I remember how happy I was standing in front of these beautiful, inspiring and creative works. So, I hope they might make you happy too, in some small way. The common denominator seems to be, for the most part, vibrant colour. Colour certainly does make me happy (the brighter the better!), as does trying out this new gallery format…

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Tanks by Tate

Today it’s sunny in London, and we are going here:

Two things to be gloriously happy about.


Video courtesy of the Guardian and YouTube; CIA already mentioned this, here.

Up, down, turn around

CIA is not feeling well. Whilst we were in Zürich, she was on a blog vacation, and that explains why you’ve got so much PJD, and so little CIA. She planned to write a post tonight, but since she can’t, we developed a mini writing challenge. She picked out this picture from her cellphone, and I have had ten minutes to think about what I would write in response. I then have 20 minutes to write that response.

Here’s the picture:


And here’s the response:

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A sparkling piece of Slow Art

If you have already read my post from yesterday, you will know that Slow Art at the Nationalmuseum in Stockholm made a huge impression on both of us. I promised that today I would share with you the piece from the Slow Art exhibition that really stole the show for me. In fact, I think Mafune Gonjo‘s Beauty has a thorn is the most beautiful and innovative piece of sculpture I have ever seen.

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