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A little Auckland graffiti

Queen on the decks... Newmarket street art


Photos by CIA, Newmarket, Auckland, December 2012. The Queen on the decks is almost as good as Prince Charles making jokes

A little Wellington Graffiti

There’s more to the Middle of Middle-Earth than Hobbit-related paraphernalia and activities. So, to continue our series of found street art, here’s some graffiti from the skate park nearby. A little Middle-Earth graffiti I guess…

Graffiti is better at night.

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A little Luzerner Graffiti

Street Art in Lucerne varies from the most basic kind of vandalism…

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Sometimes, I cannot agree more

Earth is a whack place to be

This is a little Utrecht graffiti.


Photo by CIA, Utrecht, the Netherlands, September 2012.

A little Leiden graffiti

This is just around the corner from where we live, and the wall is frequently updated with new graphics. The number of surrounding bikes never cease to amaze me, and I am increasingly concerned about the stability of that wall…  The contrast of the derelict building which provides the canvas for this graffiti in the foreground stands out in stark contrast to the shiny new building in the background. I also like that whoever is behind this graffiti couldn’t contain it to the wall, can you spot what I mean?


Photos by CIA, Leiden, September 2012.

A little (more) Berlinisch Graffiti

This is one from the archives. We went to Berlin* so that I could turn 30. I did so with great elegance, as we consumed delicious Korean food (our introduction to Korean pancakes came in Berlin), and I still think Berlin is one of the best cities we have yet been to. Whilst we were there, we caught up with some friends, saw a lot of amazing things, and I got the best haircut I have managed to get in Europe for just €12. If you’ve ever tried to get a haircut in the Netherlands, you will understand how amazing this really is.

And we saw this:

Why not?

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A little Amsterdam Graffiti

We’ve been to Amsterdam twice lately. Once to see Shabazz Palaces, and once so I could get some amazing brunch at G&T’s, since I missed out the first time. The first time, we walked past this compelling graffiti:

I have no idea at all what it could mean, or where the quote is from. I tried looking, but without success. Perhaps it’s not even a quote? I really loved the covered face, and the anguish it connotes; this is then contrasted by the mind, literally open to view by the absent top-of-the-head, and the words stand out against the simple background.

Is this an internal war? An external conflict carried out on us all?

Most of all, I just like stumbling on it.

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