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Éclair-ing in Paris, a.k.a. J’aime l’éclairs!

I am going to be completely honest and tell you that one of the things I was anticipating the most about our short trip to Paris (with much excitement) was the chance to indulge my sweet tooth with some of those delicious and beautiful french pastry delights. So, you can imagine my excitement when my eyes alighted upon these:

Have you ever seen such decadent, delicious looking éclairs?  As soon as we saw them, we knew it was éclair-o’clock, without a doubt. I fleetingly toyed with the idea of sampling one of the pistache variety (that green topping was outrageous and looked like fun!), and PJD boldly declared it would be the café flavoured éclair for him. Read more

Staircases of Le Louvre

Have you been to the Musee du Louvre? It’s in the Palais du Louvre and is one of the world’s largest museums, housing a vast collection in its sprawling Richelieu, Denon and Sully wings. Perhaps you know the sight of I.M. Pei’s striking pyramid additions (one outside, and one inverted, inside). Here’s the Cour Napoleon, with the pyramid in the middle. I sneaked this photo through an upper window while we were inside the Louvre. I like the ant-like people far below, and the symmetry of Pei’s modern architecture against that of the renaissance style of the old building.

Needless to say, it was exciting to see the beauty of Pei’s work again, after we had loved his MUDAM building so much (we will return to write more about that amazing place again soon!). Inside the Louvre though, the sheer number of staircases in the building’s interior, and the variations in style struck me as quite something, so I took a few pictures of these interesting escalier.

Some are classical in style, as one would expect in such a building (as above), but some are modern, and the contrast is stark, even if the materials used have been chosen to stay in keeping with the rest of the building:

Read more

Kickin’ back, Jardin du Luxembourg styles, Paris

Photo by CIA in Jardin du Luxembourg, red shoes & sunshine.

Starting the day right II

Trusting that your camera won’t fall off a small ledge of rock can sometimes produce amazing results. There really is more than one way to start the day right.


Photo taken by our trusty Canon Powershot s95, perched precariously by a rockpool. Yes, we are relieved it didn’t fall in.

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