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Whispers from space

Whispers from space

It’s hard to imagine scientists came up with this sign. But I guess that’s why you have marketing. Also, I appreciate the fact they included two-way radio.  It really adds a sense of awesome.


Photo by CIA, Tidbinbilla Deep Space Communication Complex, Canberra, December 2012.

Be careful when you squeeze in…

No Way Out

…Because sometimes there is no way out.


Photo by PJD, at the second summit, Mt Victoria. This poor spider built an impressive web inside this glass-cased map, but to little avail as small insects were disinclined to join him there.

A little Auckland graffiti

Queen on the decks... Newmarket street art


Photos by CIA, Newmarket, Auckland, December 2012. The Queen on the decks is almost as good as Prince Charles making jokes

If you happen to be caught short…

…they have you covered.



Photo by PJD, because a little levity is a good thing.

Two hundred posts!


Video by CIA, Guy Fawkes, Wellington Waterfront, 2012. (Now for two hundred more.)


I posted some photographs of Jökulsárlón the other day.

As I took those photos though, I was being photographed myself. Photographing the photographer is evidently a fun and entertaining prospect. Seeing the results is slightly strange, but also awesome. With permission, I am now putting these photos of me doing occasionally odd things to capture a photo, taken by my friend and guide to all things Icelandic (you can see him here).

Have any of you got photographs of photographers? Do they look as silly (read: awesome) as I do here?


Photos by Eggert, Iceland, September 2012.

Words to live by?

The brilliance of this sign only increases the further you take it from its context . Just…EAT & SHOP.

Perhaps, these are words to die by.


Photo by PJD, Tate Modern.

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