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Don’t lose your head

Sculpture amazes me, and I have stood for long periods of time in awe of the detail – in different styles – that sculptors such as Rodin, Louise Bourgeois (the sight of her Maman standing aloft in Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall still haunts me!), Michelangelo and Alberto Giacometti manage to infuse into their pieces. I also love more abstract sculpture by artists like Richard Serra and Henry Moore, which are often particularly striking through sheer size, shape and vision, rather than minute, life-like detail. Surely though, the human body must remain as one of the most challenging subjects for a sculptor. Perhaps this was one of the reasons why the two pieces of sculpture below caught my eye during our travels over the last few months, and have lingered in my mind. As you can see, both are of human heads but they are separated by centuries and vastly different stylistic techniques. Yet looking at the photos I took of them, I find them both captivating and convincing pieces of artwork, and seeing them here next to each other, I like the contrast too.

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Gado Gado – a delicious Indonesian meal

Although we’ve posted only pasta so far, we really do like to draw on cuisine from all over the world. Hopefully you will start to see that over time. So, the weather has been really warm here – 29 celcius in Leiden today – and so a dinner that is fast, light, and not too hot was necessary. The Indonesian meal Gado Gado totally hits the spot on a day like today (better still eaten in our magnificent garden). CIA’s Mum made this for us about a year ago and we’ve tried to meet her excellent standard.

What you will need:

Mung beans; cabbage; potatoes; eggs (hardboiled); tofu; green beans; satay sauce; kroepoek (or casava chips); rice

And here’s how to construct it:

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