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Wellington Civic Square, by night

Public spaces like this – which are beautiful both by day, and night, should be encouraged, in our increasingly urbanised planet.

Wellington civic square, by night

A pretty place to be, I think you will agree. Recently, I learnt that the square was designed by visionary Wellington architect Ian Athfield, whose brilliant and sometimes odd work scatters the city (seek, and you shall find Athfield creations in Wellington’s many corners!), enriching the urban landscape. I don’t think I will ever tire of the eclectic mish-mash of buildings, old and new, which shouldn’t work together but somehow do, interesting public art, patches of soft green space, around a fully accessible multi-level square, crowned by Neil Dawson’s wonderful sculpture, Ferns. I love to spot Ferns’ shadow, at different times of the day as it dances around the space. Whether I am passing through en route home, or sitting leisurely on a bench in the sun (or, let’s face it, wind!), Wellington’s Civic Square is a fitting heart to the city which I am thankful for.

Photo by CIA, Wellington Civic Square, March 2013. Around the square from left to right: Wellington Town Hall and Civic Chambers, The Majestic Centre (tall tower in the background), Wellington City Library, and the City Gallery.

Night time makes ordinary things strange.

Hay Street, Wellington


Photo by PJD, on a fine summer evening, Wellington 2013. CIA was a semi-willing accomplice.

Night time company

A stingray isn’t the only encounter we’ve had with wildlife lately. On Christmas Eve we heard an odd noise, and upon investigating found ourselves face-to-face with a tree frog*. It was a lively moment, and no easy task to keep the frog in frame.

Tree frog stops by

Tree Frog and Leaf


Photos by PJD, Auckland, December 2012

* or some other kind of frog.

A little Wellington Graffiti

There’s more to the Middle of Middle-Earth than Hobbit-related paraphernalia and activities. So, to continue our series of found street art, here’s some graffiti from the skate park nearby. A little Middle-Earth graffiti I guess…

Graffiti is better at night.

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Starry night

You can't beat Wellington on a good night


Photo by PJD, Waitangi Park, Wellington. Taking this shot, PJD is now determined to invest in a good DSLR Camera. It’s a terrible thing, isn’t it, to be bitten by the photography bug?

Our garden at night

It won’t be our garden for very much longer, and we will miss it so much. But these shots show how spectacular it can look at night-time.

Hofje Garden, Night time

The Hofje by Night.

Bench, windmill, Dutch?

The quiet of the garden belies the chaos of the packing inside the hofje

Eerily Awesome Atmosphere

Everything’s so green


Photos by PJD, September 2012. Captions by CIA. Late night packing still in progress. (Help?)

Photos taken with canon powershot s95

For my birthday last year I bought myself a new camera. I didn’t use my money. It was a present. A vicarious present. Now, you can never have too many cameras, and they can never be too good, probably. But let’s all admit that a massive, bulky, over-sized SLR is not a great travelling companion. So, today’s post is in tribute to my Canon Powershot s95*.

There is another element to this post though, which is unusual search terms resulting in visits to the blog. “M83” features the most, probably. I’ll fess up now that my statistical analysis consisted only of a quick scan, no regression analysis here. No proof of statistical significance. No care either. My favourite is “tyre sculpture den haag”. I hope they found what they were looking for.

The other day though someone went looking for “photos taken on canon powershot s95”. That’s pretty specific. I hope they liked what they found.

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